New Techniques Online!

We’re happy to welcome my good friend Roy Marsh to the Grappling Knowledge crew! Roy is co-owner and head Jiu-Jitsu instructor at Sand Hills Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in North Carolina. He is known for his back attacks and will now be sharing some of his favorites with everyone on Grappling Knowledge.

In this update we’ve added a variety of Gi Jiu-Jitsu techniques by several instructors bellow. Enjoy!

Roy Marsh:
442 – Clock Choke w/Dive and Low Base (Turtle Top)
443 – Rear Naked Choke Basics (Back Mount Top)
444 – Wing Choke with 3/4 Mount Transition (Back Mount Top)
445 – Lapel Choke Basics (Back Mount Top)
446 – Elevator to Back (Half Guard Bottom)

Jason Spallek:
473 – Loop Choke (High Knee Guard Bottom)
474 – Americana Defense, playing the middle ground (Side Control Bottom)
475 – Americana Defense using bridge (Side Control Bottom)
476 – Americana Defense using your head (Side Control Bottom)
477 – Late Americana Defense, reverse shrimp to create space (Side Control Bottom)
478 – Kimura from High Knee Guard (Guard Bottom)
479 – Roll Through to Guard (Turtle Bottom)

Steve Hordinski:
480 – 2 on 1, step through pass (Guard Top)

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