Effectively Attack from Mount!

Americana From Mount

Attacking from mount is not the easiest thing to do. If you’re going to finish an opponent it’s one of the best positions to do it from, but first you need to get there. That requires a takedown or sweep plus passing the guard which is no easy feat. After that you need to establish mount and maintain it long enough to finish your opponent. So what’s the point? You’ve already done a ton of work, don’t rush and waste it! As with all advanced positions before being able to effectively attack you need to be able to control the position. If you mount but only maintain it for a few seconds before being rolled back to guard your odds of success are not very good. On the other hand if you can stick your opponent there and they can’t get out, you can attack repeatedly until one of your attacks succeeds! With that in mind we’ve created two suggested list, the basics focusing on control and simple / safe attacks. Once you’ve mastered the first list, work on the second to crush more advanced defenses!

The Basics & Control:

Control first then submission. Master this group of techniques and opponents will begin to fear your mount. Remember it’s not about finishing right away, but dominating your opponent and not giving them an inch!



Advanced Control and Finishes:

So you can control your opponents and think you’re ready for advanced set ups? The first challenge is mind set, not the moves themselves. The key to trapping good opponents is giving them bad choices. What do I mean? My goal is always to give my opponents several options that all work out in my favor. A good opponent is always going to fight back, you just need to be a step ahead. S-Mount is one of the most dominant positions in Jiu-Jitsu. Master these attacks and you’ll have the tools to break through your opponents defenses. Just remember it’s not a move, it’s a system. Trap your opponent in the position and they will react. Success depends on capitalizing on the bad choice they are forced to make.

Position First:

Finish Your Opponent:

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