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Photo Id Jason began his grappling career as a high school wrestler where he placed twice in the state tournament. After a brief break from training, he found Jiu-Jitsu in 2002 and was immediately hooked. He began training with Team ROC while at NC State working on his Bachelors in computer science. He began competing almost immediately and continues to compete today testing himself in the toughest tournaments. Jason began teaching Jiu-Jitsu towards the end of his blue belt, his knowledge and passion for the art have greatly increased since then as Jiu-Jitsu transitioned from an activity to a lifestyle for him. He has trained all over the country with many world class instructors, allowing him to combine a variety of styles into his game while staying true to the fundamentals of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. After moving to Colorado Jason joined the Relson Gracie team. With the help and instruction of Steve Hordinski taking his game to the next level, Jason earned his Brown Belt from Relson in January 2009 and then his Black Belt in March 2012. Jason is dedicated to improving his Jiu-Jitsu, and sharing his knowledge with others.
Training Timeline

High School Wrestling

1998 - 4th State Wrestling Tournament

1999 - 3rd State Wrestling Tournament

Started Jiu-Jitsu in 2002

2003 - 1st Bud Cup Gi

2003 - 1st Bud Cup Beginner

2004 - 1st Bud Cup Gi

2004 - 2nd Bud Cup Intermediate

Received Blue Belt 2004

2004 - 1st Grapplers Quest Gi

2005 - 1st Grapplers Quest Gi

2005 - 2nd Grapplers Quest - Intermediate

Received Purple Belt 2007

2007 - 1st CO State Championships Absolute Gi

2007 - 2nd Mudials Gi

2008 - 2nd Pans Gi

Received Brown Belt from Relson Gracie 2009

2009 - 3rd Pans Gi

2009 - 1st NAGA Advanced

2009 - 2nd NAGA Brown/Black Gi

2010 - 1st Tournament of Champions Gi

Received Black Belt from Relson Gracie March 13, 2012